Singer Alex De Porteous comes in like a wrecking ball to explore the idea that perfection is unattainable in her Fringe Show, Outside the Box.
Through song and comedy, Alex explores the impact of modern media on young people and the pressures it places on her generation.
At just 17 years old, Alex is entering her final year of school while embarking on a journey of self discovery and cabaret ambition, which she shares with audiences in this self-devised piece.
151006_AlexPromo_049Suitable for all ages, Outside the Box shows the lighter side of being a girl in music, and how the great ladies on the mic have learned to shake it off and achieve their dreams.
With a special guest appearance from Hans: The Boy Wonder of Berlin, this modern cabaret will show you girls wanna have fun, and deserve a whole lotta R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
Alex says she wrote the show to encourage girls to think outside the box and see that media can be a misguided interpretation of the world.
“My show explores the impact social media has on us all today. I share my own personal journey with body image and self acceptance through the songs of the female pop stars I once aspired to become,” she says.
“I wrote the show because I wanted to create a theatrical piece that exposed how important it is to think ‘outside the box’ and be different. We live in a world where social media has made us create categories or ‘boxes’ for us to try and fit in. I want people to understand how I once aspired to fit into a box – to be a typical pop star – but how I overcame that and am happier to be myself and an individual. I can now be inspired by an artist or performer without feeling the need to become them.”
In 2015, Alex performed in Class of Cabaret (a program linked with the Adelaide Cabaret Festival, under artistic direction of Barry Humphries), where she was mentored by cabaret greats like Matthew Carey, Amelia Ryan, Michael Griffiths, Kim Spargo and Stacy McCandless.
Following that, she wrote and produced her own show at the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, developing a story based around her love and obsession of the cabaret art form.
With an impressive career built in such a short time, Alex is striving to continue her success and looking forward to making her Adelaide Fringe Festival debut.
“I love the energy and atmosphere of Fringe. It provides Adelaide with the opportunity during Mad March to absorb art. Whether it’s seeing a new local artist, like myself, or an international star, you will always find something interesting and unique,” she says.
“I am looking forward to bringing a LOT of glitter, sequins and sass to the stage! Along with this I want to share with audiences a 17-year-old’s view of social media in an inspirational, and funny show about my personal journey to becoming confident about being me.
“There’s going to be a whole lot of Britney, Beyoncé and even a little bit of Taylor Swift. It’s going to be fun! I want every audience member to leave the show feeling 17 again (if they aren’t already), and most of all confident in themselves in this technology filled world.”
So, go for a ride in a cabaret time machine as Alex reinvents female pop hits as far back as the 1920s and turns them into vintage jazz styled pieces that will keep your feet tapping, as her tales of woe and whoa! keep you laughing.
HOW MUCH? Adult: $24.00, Child: $15.00 TICKETS: Fringetix
What people are saying about Alex:
“Witty and charismatic, she chatted easily with the audience, thought on her feet, and segued seamlessly into songs” – The Upside News.
“De Porteous exudes a confidence and maturity that belies her young age” – The Clothesline.
“Show[s] her voice to great advantage” – Broadway World.