Learning Resources

An educational resource can be an excellent marketing tool, providing a deeper engagement with your event, product or service for an expanded audience.

Whether you have a theatrical production, charity campaign, novel or educational program, Expressions Media can produce quality, engaging classroom resources for students of all ages. Depending on the subject matter, a resource could also be appropriate for your business idea.

Libby and Matthew from Expressions Media are both qualified teachers, with more than thirty years of experience between them. As a result, they design effective teaching resources in line with national curriculum frameworks and high school certificate requirements.

Expressions Media has developed learning resources for events such as the education program for the Adelaide Festival and State Opera of South Australia, also liaising with a network of teachers on the company’s behalf to organise presentations and opportunities for schools. This work promotes the companies’ programs to new audiences across South Australia and Australia, offering a rich experience for both students and teachers.

Learning resources can be developed for novels, like Karyn Prior’s Bertie Poshkza, a YA fiction work. You can view these learning resources here.

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