Do you need a legal copywriter?

Whether you run a large law firm or work as a sole practitioner, it’s important to have clear, engaging copy on your website and regular content to engage your audience and driving traffic to your business. This also provides material to share via social media channels. But given the various competing demands of operating a legal practice, it can be tricky finding the time to manage all this. Understandably, energies must be devoted to clients as your number one priority. But it’s a reality of business that you still need to attract new clients on an ongoing basis, and that’s where a legal copywriter can become quite an asset.

Now a general copywriter for your legal business might do a fine job, but there’s a real advantage to having someone trained in the law and also has experience communicating its complexities to the public.

This is particularly useful for the content on your website. Regularly updated blogs will help to optimise how you rank in search engines. With legal practice there are many great opportunities for this kind of engagement by creating posts to explain points of law, report on recent cases or update about the work you are currently doing. You can also provide a perspective on current issues that find their way into general public debate. All of this will be of interest to an audience and the kind of content that’s easily shared on social media channels, creating engagement with your legal brand.

Perhaps you could create such content yourself. But if you just don’t have capacity amid all the other demands of practice, then a regular copywriter probably just won’t have the legal knowledge to take this off your hands. You need someone trained in the law who is also a communications professional – a legal copywriter.

Legal writing by Matthew Trainor

And that’s where I come in. My name is Matthew Trainor and I am a writer with Expressions Media, while also being qualified for legal practice: an experienced legal researcher with a Bachelor of Laws, GDLP and admitted to legal practice in the Supreme Court of the ACT.

I now combine this legal background and training with my experience of writing copy for a whole range of businesses. I really enjoy the challenge of taking complex legal ideas and making them clear and accessible for a general audience.

So if you need professional content and copy for your legal practice, get in touch with Expressions Media today to find out how I can assist you.

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