Libby Parker is a professional writer and journalist, specialising in copywriting, speeches, web copy, media releases, editing and proofreading. Based in Adelaide, Libby has more than a decade’s experience and has a long list of satisfied clients to her name.
A qualified English, Drama and Media teacher, Libby spent many years teaching writing and creative skills to secondary school students before she decided to put her money where her mouth (and whiteboard marker) was and started writing for a living.
Now, as well as impart those skills to young people and adults as part of Expressions Media’s workshop program, Libby uses them to write content and copy for clients like Adelaide Festival, the Honourable Tammy Franks MLC, Lucy Cornes (SheShopped and Cornes and Sloan), Blitz Marketing, CBB, Mary’s Poppin night club, authors, musicians, theatre companies, not for profits and anyone looking for quality writing.
As a qualified journalist, Libby has written for The Advertiser, BSide Magazine, Salisbury Aware, Inside South Australia, The Weekender Herald, UniLife, On The Record and my own website, The Upside News.

For more information, email libby@expressionsadelaide.com
You can also follow Libby on twitter: @UpsideNews_Lib

In 2014, Libby created The Upside News to publish press releases she had written, and to experience being an online editor and contributor. The website has since grown, and has a strong arts, music and community focus with a team of 27 writers contributing.

The Upside News publishes upbeat stories about South Australians, which are sourced through digital media, press releases and word of mouth. Some of the music articles on The Upside News used to appear in print in BSide Magazine until that publication went 100% digital.

Libby’s digital publishing experiences can be accessed as follows:
The Upside News: Editor, Digital Content Producer, manager/founder, Features Writer; my work can be accessed here.
BSide Magazine: Digital Content Producer, journalist, features writer, reviewer; my work can be accessed here.
Inside South Australia: Contributer; my work can be accessed here.
Rip it Up: Reviewer, 2015 Adelaide Fringe; my reviews can be accessed here.
Glam Adelaide: Music journalist and features writer, where I have had the privilege of interviewing the likes of Redfoo, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Lorna Jane, Tori Amos, Hilltop Hoods and many other musicians and artists in addition to membership articles.

Currently, Libby hosts Uncanny Valley, a prime time breakfast radio show every Monday on Three D Radio (93.7). Previously, she was SA Music Director and had a regular nightly show on Kixx Radio (kixxradio.com) called Kixxstart. She also co-hosted The BSide Hour every Friday night with Matthew Trainor until the station opted to go national and moved away from local content. Libby provided voicers, sweepers and promotional grabs for sponsors of, and shows on, the station.

During 2012-2014, Libby undertook training in news presenting and went on to become a volunteer newsreader and breakfast radio producer at Radio Adelaide and Fresh 92.7fm. Before that, she was an intern producer for ABC 891 Afternoons with Sonya Feldhoff and Drive with Michael Smyth.

Podcasts for some of Libby’s Radio Adelaide Breakfast stories can be accessed here:
Excising Australia with Imogen Bailey and Amnesty International
Explore Arts at Carclew
Cooking with Spirit
Feast 2012 with Libby O’Donovan and Ryan Davies
Feast 2012 with Malt Biscuit and Sacred Resonance (09:00)
Canberra’s Centenary Celebrations
Temporary Teacher Turmoil
Hilarity in the name of charity

As a copywriter, Libby has provided professional writing for a wide rang of clients, some samples of which are available here:



During her Graduate Diploma of Journalism in 2012, Libby worked in Classifieds, Sales and Dispute Resolution at Advertiser Newspapers, News Corp while completing an internship in Editorial and continued to write for Education Now and My Week after the placement was completed.PDFs of her published articles in The Advertiser can be accessed through dropbox.

Further print articles were published in Salisbury Aware April 2019 edition, Autumn 2018, Winter 2018 and Unilife magazine, the campus mag for The University of South Australia. Links to the online versions of the print articles can be accessed here: Regrets, I’ve had a few and Magic at Mawson Lakes

Cover story about promising young musician Alex Hosking by Libby Parker

Alex Hosking cover story in BSide Mag by Libby Parker


Further blogs and links can be viewed below. If you would like to engage Libby Parker, Adelaide copywriter for your next project, get in touch today.


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