A 2015 study by Microsoft showed the average attention span of readers dropped to eight seconds. In a world where people are relying on 280 characters to receive their news, how effective is your message? Whether you are crafting a publicity release, sharing new product news or hoping to whip up a social media storm about an event announcement, the Expressions Media team have come up with a few tools that will help you to reach your target audience.

  • Who is it?

Identify your audience and set the tone accordingly. Are you outlining a company-specific strategy or raising community awareness? Are you hoping for broad or targeted messaging? From a government initiative to a brand missive, knowing your audience will provide you with a clear vision of how to proceed and will also help establish the tenor and format of your release.

  • Keep it simple (seriously)

The key to a good press release is to cover all the important information in a short format.

Who is involved? What is happening? When and where will it happen, why and how? If you can encompass all this information in just a few short paragraphs, you are well on your way to a successful and informative news release.

  • They said what?

Quotes have a way of humanising a media release. Use them sparingly and effectively throughout your news release to add an element of interest. We don’t need to tell you, but make sure they are accurate and attributed.

  • Make it snappy

A short, sharp lead will capture your readers before they have even read the story. Aim for a few key words in the title that reflect the content. This works on all social media platforms and will also make it easier for news organisations and journalists who are scanning these releases at a glance. This brings us to our final tip, which is…

  • Personalise your pitch

Once you have established your audience and finalised your piece, reach out to journalists and news organisations who will help spread the message. Is your story local or national? Is it more relevant to a select group or is it suitable for a wide audience? For example, Horse & Hound may not be interested in the opening of a Sephora store in Adelaide, but other publications will find it newsworthy.

Want to delve further into the world of news releases? Expressions Media provides one-on-one coaching sessions, learning resources and workshops to ensure your message successfully reaches your audience. We also provide a range of professional services including targeted media releases, content creation, brand management and copywriting. Contact us on enquiries@expressionsadelaide.com to see how we can help.