So you’ve got that press release out into the world and it’s getting some traction. You land the first big interview, but after the initial burst of excitement the nerves start to take hold at the thought of actually getting through it.
interviewWell Expressions Media is here to help you out, with seven essential tips to make the most of your interview opportunity.

Obviously, how you prepare for an interview will vary depending on the circumstances. A live to air radio interview has different challenges to a print interview conducted over the phone. But whatever the situation, keep these seven points in mind:


  1. Remember a successful interview is just as important to the interviewer as it is to you. You only received a response to your press release because the interviewer has a genuine interest in the story, so they will be on your side. Keep in mind, this isn’t Four Corners trying to break a national scandal, just a journalist who thinks you’ve a got a story worth telling and will do their best to help tell it. So, as much as possible, relax.


  1. Re-read over your press release. Have it in front of you when you do the interview, as the journalist will have used this to prepare. While you should avoid reading directly, use it as a prompt to help the ideas to flow if the nerves hit.


  1. Make some notes in preparation and have them handy. Think about what questions could be asked and anticipate replies.


  1. Have your facts and figures ready. Journos are on deadlines, so if you don’t have all the information, they are unlikely to come back to you to fill in any gaps.


  1. Try to talk in soundbytes. Always aim to be quotable. Any rambling responses will be cut, so you want to make sure you give the journo something to use. Practise short grabs packed with your messaging (without sounding like an info-mercial).


  1. The interviewer is just as interested in you as your idea. Have your own story ready by thinking about what has brought you to this particular point. This will personally engage your audience.


  1. Practice makes perfect. Interviewing doesn’t really come naturally to anyone but you will get better the more you do it. So say yes to every opportunity, no matter how big or small you think it is. And if it is your first time, find someone to role-play with you in advance.

Follow these seven simple tips and enjoy the interview experience!

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