You might have heard it before, but content is king when it comes to inbound business marketing. Having good content can engage customers and potential customers with your site, but it also allows you to stay relevant and boost your search-ability rates in Google.

Blogging is a simple, yet effective tool that drives people to your site. Here’s why and how:

  • Blogging, search engines and social media will drive people to your site. By effectively using relevant words and expressions in your content, your site will move up the Google rankings, BUT blogging great content also means people are more likely to share posts with like-minded groups and individuals, putting your business’ name out there and driving people to your site.
  • Using guest bloggers will share your work to a wider audience because they are likely to share their work on your site. Also, it gives a different perspective to your normal blogger and keeps content fresh.
  • With Google constantly changing the rules and keeping us on our toes, keywords aren’t really as crucial as they once were. In fact, if you’re keyword stuffing your web content, you can get punished for it and be pushed down the rankings. Keywords need to serve a purpose and content must be well written and free of errors. Duplicate content will also be punished.
  • Using a professional copywriter like Expressions Media will help to provide regular copywriting and blogging for your website that is engaging and accurate with embedded search terms.
  • When blogs are relevant and shared, these clicks are rewarded by pushing your site up the rankings on Google. For this reason, engaging the services of a copywriter or blogger like Expressions Media can be well worth the investment.
  • Blogs help to build trust in your product or service. Whether a customer has landed on your site because they were searching a product, question or service, or whether they were linked to your blog post, having fresh, relevant content will give your site authority and help your brand to show how professional and experienced you are in your field.
  • Blogging is the gift that keeps on giving. Once you’ve posted that piece, it starts working for you. It can bring leads to your site and continue to work from there by ranking in search engine for years.

So if you’re looking for a blogger in Adelaide, contact Expressions Adelaide to talk about how we can write for you.