Writing can always be improved, especially business communications, and sometimes you might needs a second pair of eyes for your words to be perfect. For potential clients or investors, it’s crucial that the comms you send out be word perfect, on brand and effective enough to spark interest and generate leads. Hiring a copywriter can be an excellent way to ensure your  words are working for you, but if you want to write your own business copy, it’s worthwhile engaging an editor or proofreader to cast a professional eye over it.

Here are five reasons why your business should use an editor or proof-reader for your front facing business communications.

  1. Hiring a proofreader can prevent embarrassing errors

Spellcheck will only do so much and often people type so fast errors can be made, or they may forget punctuation or commit an accidental grammar crime. These are all easy mistakes to make, but they can often lead to embarrassing situations in a professional environment. There is nothing worse than having writing published on a website or in a physical document with a glaring error that you missed. We get it, things get busy and sometimes when you read your own work, you skip over it because it’s familiar to you. That’s why engaging a professional to give you an alternative perspective is helpful.

  1. Engaging a proofreader ensures clarity and continuity

When it comes to writing, everyone approaches the task differently. Some people allow words to pour out of them in one fell swoop and some write in parts and revisit the work after a few hours, days or even weeks. While neither method is the right or wrong way, when you write sporadically, it is easy to forget the flow, which can alter the voice. Similarly when there are several writers working on the same project, continuity of voice can be lost. By finding a proofreader to help you ensure the consistency throughout your communications, you can make sure it stays on brand with the right messaging. Clarity and continuity is important to keep up the professional standard of writing, especially in reports, emails, newsletters, formal presentations and front facing communications.

  1. An editor will give you objective opinions on the writing

One of the difficulties in writing is knowing how to critique your own work Some writers will have difficulty cutting down words and others may have trouble getting to the all-important word count. By having a second pair of eyes, an editor or proof-reader is able take out unnecessary words or phrases, rewrite things in a way that make more sense, cut out the repetition, and give useful feedback on a piece of writing. It’s a professional editor’s job to make sure the writing is clean, consistent, engaging and easy to read. They will know all the grammar rules you should follow and the ones you can break.

  1. Hiring an editor assists will improve your own writing skills

Having your business communications professionally edited is an excellent opportunity for the writer to learn from the feedback and revisions. Your editor or proofreader will normally track changes and, by reading back over the original piece compared to the new piece, you will be able to see how the writing could be improved and give you some ideas for next time you have to complete a writing task. An editor will allows you to see what areas you need to improve on, or it may validate your excellent standard of writing! Whether it’s an essay, a review, resources, media releases, speeches or blogs, there are a variety of styles needed to produce business communications and a good editor will be able to teach you how to improve your writing through their useful feedback.

  1. An editor or proofreader will ensure your writing is professional, effective and achieves the best possible results

As well as being grammatically correct, your business communications need to be professional and functional. An editor will help you to ensure your writing gives your clients the best possible outcome. Excellent writing will always stand out and sets you apart from others. A good copywriter will get to know your business and promote your brand effectively to engage your clients and make sure your messaging is projecting the image you want. An editor or proofreader will double check and then check again that your communications are working for you to help your business get return on investment.

Finding the right editor or proofreader for your business can mean the difference between good sales and great sales, or reasonable client engagement and a highly engaged client community. If you are looking for an Adelaide proofreader or editor, Expressions Media can help. We are qualified professional writers with experience in a range of writing styles, and we can help make words work for your company.

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